video production


 Working on a self-produced documentary about builders of famous movie and TV automobiles.  This is the intro...  Concepting, Audio, Videography, Editing and Effects by Bo McDonald 

Amazon Co-brand Video.

Video created for our Episys FIVE app, with Amazon Alexa. Concepting, Voiceover, Audio, Videography, Editing and Effects by Bo McDonald

JHA Onboarding Employee Recruitment Video

Video created in-house for JHA Human Resources.

 Concepting, Voiceover, Audio, Videography, Drone Piloting, Editing and Effects by Bo McDonald 

Employee Recruitment

2016 JHA Employee Recruitment Video.  Concepting, Voiceover, Audio, Videography, Editing and Effects by Bo McDonald 

CPI Rollout Video

Video created for the rollout of the JHA CPI Initiative. Videography, audio, FX and editing by Bo McDonald

Meeting Monsters!

Produced in 2013 for internal corporate educational usage to use humor to show the  inefficiencies of modern meetings...

Kind of a Universal Studios Horror Classic meets The Office...

Co-writing, design and storyboards, video/audio and editing by Bo McDonald 

NASDAQ Tower Marquee animation - 2016

This is the second time my animation has been featured on the world famous NASDAQ tower and entrance marquee.

JHA - Harlem Shake...

*sigh* It is what it is.... :-)

Las Vegas Viva Vision LVCS

I have had my Voice and 3D Animation and Video Production skills highlighted now 3 times on the world's largest outdoor screen! The Fremont Street Experience Viva-Vision!  Viewed by over 200,000 people....  My animation, 3D modeling, voice-over and editing... Licensed by Universal Studios.

The Goldbergs

My animation was featured on an episode of the ABC Network hit series, "The Goldbergs".

Killing Hasselhoff

My animation was also seen in the Universal Studios production, "Killing Hasselhoff".


Small, but my work is on one of KITT's Screens in this AT&T fun commercial!

Instructional Video

A  video for my Facebook Knight Foundation page with over 4800 members...

Early Demo Reel - 2003

Waaay back when.

Early Demo reel with early 3d work etc....

Drone Piloting

Drone photography of the JHA Campus.

Profitstar Jones!

From 2008 - a fun little parody we did with out a budget.... lol

Please note: this was before 2k and is presented in 480p

Video/Audio/FX and Cats by Bo McDonald