April Moore - Creative Director, Former Direct Manager, JHA

 I've had the pleasure of working with Bo for the last two and half years. After working with him on a couple of projects that were very successful, I was lucky enough to steal him away from another team to come work with our Marketing team to produce a large number of high-quality product videos. Bo is the consummate professional and approaches everything he does with a high-level of integrity and great tenacity. He's extremely reliable and his work is stellar. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Bo. 

Jane Swortwood - Learning & Development

 Bo is one of the most innovative and talented person I know! His videography is genius! A true inspiration when it comes to creativity, and great to work with in all ways! 

Paul Cullen - Avaya Global Consultant, Client

 Bo is one of the most creative individuals that I know. His skill in graphics, CAD, & mechanical engineering are only matched by his imagination and attention to detail. Every project I have engaged with him on has been a delight and the deliverable(s) have been top notch. I happily give Bo my highest recommendation. 

Johnny Carcioppolo - Manager Corporate Learning Solutions

 I worked with Bo for many years and I can tell you that he is one amazing graphic designer. Bo developed some amazing products for our education Department that went way above what we thought we would get. He is self sufficient, reliable, super easy to manage, and goes above and beyond in everything he does. He takes great pride in his work and always deliver a quality product that far surpasses expectations. He has a keen sense of interpreting what you ask for and then creates something that dazzles the masses. There were many times that other departments would ask for his assistance when they saw the type of work he was delivering to our department. I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with Bo and I genuinely appreciate all his hard work and efforts to make our department look good. 

Arlene Mendoza - UX Designer and former Co-Worker, Sterling Commerce

 Bo was truly a great colleague during our time at Sterling Commerce. There are always challenges when working with geographically dispersed teams, but Bo made it easy. His responsiveness and easy manner despite a thousand miles and 2-hour time difference was only surpassed by his creativity and exceptional aptitude for digital & video production. As a bonus, he as a keen musical talent, which served our team well on a few projects. 

Vickie Hensley - Former Co-Worker - Corporate Learning Solutions

 I worked with Bo for almost 12 years and was amazed at the graphical animation and amazing video work he created. Bo can make the screen come alive and keep your interest. Not only is he good at graphics, graphical animation and video creation, he created online training for our company. The online trainings had to be created in specific formats so they were compatible with our LMS.

Bo is a very talented man and has exceptional work ethic. I would highly recommend him for any job he would feel comfortable applying for.

Vickie Hensley
Corporates Training Coordinator (Retired)